The personal matched to the professional

A major factor in any financial recovery is the people involved. There are those facing up to the problems, in danger of seeing their dreams disappear. There are those who might end up losing their investments, their jobs or the money owed to them for goods or services supplied. And there are those who have advised or funded along the way and who now have to see their clients through what may be the most difficult task of their business relationship.

While the Carter Clark approach to financial recovery is firmly based on business needs, it also acknowledges the value of people. Our own people have specific expertise in different areas of the business and they understand that there are multiple interests in any individual case: being sure to relate on a personal level while performing to the highest professional standards is the key to our success.

This is why we work equally well with business owners, their advisers and the lenders that help fund them. In every case recovery is the first aim and is best secured by early action. Our input can often help prevent the worst: the more potential still in the assets - tangible and the intangibles such as the value of a name or brand - the more options we can offer for putting the business back on a sound footing.